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Jimmy’s Cannabis Shop is an independent legal retailer of, you guessed it, cannabis. We offer a comfortable, friendly and safe space for you to purchase your legal recreational cannabis. Jimmy’s is a judgement free environment and welcomes you the way you are (assuming of course you are of legal age to purchase).

VAPE – Coming December 2019

Vapes are used with either disposable pens or refillable cartridges.  Vaping is often preferred due to the lack of combustion and is a smoother option for some. Another benefit to vaping is the discreetness, the vape trail is a lot smaller as opposed to smoking.

EDIBLES AND BEVERAGES – Coming December 2019

Any food infused by cannabis is considered an edible.  Common edibles will likely include gummies, baked goods, chocolates, and even beverages. Some advantages to edibles is that the experience can potentially last longer and the consumer can avoid inhalation.

CONCENTRATES – Coming December 2019

The active ingredients  in cannabis are called cannabinoids and are found in the trichomes of the plant. The trichomes are crystal-like, cover the flower and are highly concentrated with terpenes. Concentrates are a variety of ways the trichomes are isolated from the cannabis plant. Concentrate typically have about an 80% THC level. There are many different kinds of concentrates such as:

SHATTER- because of its contents, shatter is solid at room temperature giving it a glass-like look and breaks easily when handled, hence the name.

LIVE RESIN-Live resin is extracted using a live plant as opposed to the other concentrates. Using the live plants allows it to take advantage of its aromas to create the highest terpene profile of any concentrate

KEIF- loose trichomes that are sifted from the ground up flower

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